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Climbing or clump-forming subshrub. Leaves roughly triangular, up to 10 centimetres long and 5 cm wide. Typical pea-like flowers occur in dense clusters and are usually purple with yellow markings, but naturally occurring pink and white forms are known. Flowers are followed by 3-4 cm-long pods which turn dark at maturity. Up to 8 brown seeds per pod.
Seed is protected by a thick seed coat which must be broken prior to germination. This can be done by manually nicking the coat or by soaking the seed in near-boiling water. The best results are usually obtained by nicking.
Late winter and spring.
Most common to the east of Wagga Wagga. Very common in Murraguldrie Flora Reserve and Mates Gully TSR.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery