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An inconspicuous, ground-hugging shrub consisting of one or more straggling stems, each usually less than 50 centimetres in length. Leaves are narrow and slightly rounded. Despite the name ‘leafy templetonia’, foliage is usually very sparse. Produces typical ‘pea’ flowers, which are yellow with red-brown and purple markings. These typically exceed 1 cm in length and are much more conspicuous than the foliage. Flowers are followed by pods which darken at maturity; these may each contain up to 8 seeds.
Seed is protected by a thick seed coat which must be broken prior to germination. This can be done by manually nicking the coat or by soaking the seed in near-boiling water. The best results are usually obtained by nicking.
Chiefly September.
Occurs in several places on Willans Hill. Small roadside populations have been located near Coolamon and on Keajura Rd near Ladysmith.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery