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Weeping tree growing occasionally to 10 metres. Leaves are long and narrow, ending in a slight hooked point. Flowers are cream or yellow in colour and occur singly or in clusters. They are followed by woody, orange, round or apricot-shaped fruits, which split open at maturity to reveal bright red seeds. These fruits mature over several months and often remain on the plant for long periods. Seeds are irregular in size and shape.
Seed germinates without pre-treatment but is unreliable and may take several weeks.
Typically during winter and spring.
Occurs in stands along roadsides to the west of Wagga Wagga, e.g. The Gap Rd and surrounds. Occurs on and around the Charles Sturt University campus. The seed is transmitted by birds, and so seedlings are often found in groups under trees.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery