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Bushy, straggling or spreading shrub to 1 metre high and 2 metres wide. Leaves are small, roughly triangular in shape and slightly hairy. They are held close to the stem. The tubular purple flowers occur at leaf junctions and may produce an impressive display. These are followed by small, brown fruits containing pale seeds. The entire plant is aromatic, smelling strongly of menthol.
Seeds germinate without pre-treatment but germination may take several months and can be unreliable. Cuttings of firm material may also work but this has not been investigated.
Flowering has been reported at all times of the year, though spring and summer may be favoured.
Restricted to Livingstone NP and some of the surrounding lands.
Extra Notes.
The boundaries between rough mint-bush and several other Prostanthera species are not clear. Local specimens from the Livingstone area have been identified as P. denticulata but this may change with future taxonomic work.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery