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A large, many-branched shrub to 4 metres in height (though larger, tree-like forms are known). Leaves are small (usually 3-4 centimetres long) and oval-shaped. They are generally smooth but may be hairy underneath. Branches have large spines at intervals. Flowers are creamy-white and produced in clusters at the ends of the branches. They are highly valued by insects. Flowers are followed by purse-like fruits which turn dry at maturity and open at one end, discharging the small, round, flattened seeds.
Seed germinates well without pre-treatment. Also from cuttings.
Known as ‘Christmas Bush’ in some areas for its habit of flowering in mid- and late-December. Occasionally November or January.
Willans Hill. Occurs as scattered plants or small groups on roadsides west of Wagga Wagga, e.g. Millwood Rd, Pine Gully Rd. Very common near Henty.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery