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A spreading shrub or tree to 5 metres in height. The ferny, bipinnate leaves are usually grey-green or slightly bluish in colour. These leaves are retained throughout the life of the plant and are not replaced by phyllodes. The large, globular, golden-yellow flower heads are produced in dense clusters and produce a spectacular display. These are followed by broad, flat pods. A pale waxy bloom often covers the stems and young pods of the plant.
Seed is protected by a hard seed coat which must be broken (either by nicking, abrading, or soaking briefly in near-boiling water) before it will germinate. Germinates readily after treatment. May also grow from cuttings.
Chiefly July to October, occasionally to November.
Willans Hill, Sturt Hwy near Wokolena Rd. Note: These are unlikely to be natural populations.
Extra Notes.
Sources disagree as to whether A. spectabilis is native to this region. Given that it is largely found north of Cowra, it is highly likely that local populations are not natural. Therefore, further planting is discouraged.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery