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Upright or rounded shrub to 4 metres high. Smaller branches often hairy. ‘Leaves’ (phyllodes) generally oval-shaped, sometimes ending in a slight point, usually < 4 centimetres long. Leaves are often hairy and have a greyish appearance. The bright yellow flower heads are produced along the stem at the bases of the phyllodes. These give way to long (up to 7 cm) pods which are dark at maturity.
Seed is protected by a hard seed coat which must be broken (either by nicking, abrading, or soaking briefly in near-boiling water) before it will germinate. Germinates readily after treatment. May also grow from cuttings.
Winter and early spring.
Generally found west of West Wyalong. An outlying population occurs at Currawarna.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery