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A small, clump-forming perennial forb. The green or grey-green, silky, narrow or elliptical leaves are clustered at the base of the plant. Flowers are carried in dense, hemispherical clusters at the ends of the leafless stems. These stems typically reach 30 centimetres in height. Each flower cluster may reach 3 cm in diameter. Flowers are vivid blue with a projecting white or yellow part (indusium). Heads are fluffy when in seed. Fruits can be extracted by rubbing the heads. Each fluffy fruit contains a single nut-like seed.
Seed should be extracted from the fruit before sowing, after which it germinates well. Also by division. Has a tendency to die out in cultivation and should probably be treated as an annual.
Chiefly late spring.
Scattered but locally abundant. Matong SF, Mates Gully TSR, Livingstone NP, Murraguldrie Flora Reserve, Hume Hwy near Tarcutta.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery