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Bushy herb to around 60 centimetres in height, consisting of multiple stems crowned by dense clusters of yellow, button-like heads. Leaves are narrow and linear, reaching 5 cm in length at the base of the plant but usually < 1 cm long near the inflorescence. They may be slightly hairy and silver, expecially near the base, or green and largely hairless. Flowers are smaller and more numerous than for C. apiculatum. Seeds are tiny and carry a crown of hairs, facilitating their dispersal by wind.
By seed, which is unreliable. A large number of seeds may be needed.
Chiefly spring, though summer and autumn flowering reported elsewhere.
Generally restricted to reasonably well-preserved areas, but occasionally found by roadsides. A major understorey component in Livingstone NP, scattered in Mates Gully TSR and on Willans Hill.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery