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Tall shrub to tree, reaching 12 metres in height. The ëleavesí (phyllodes) are long and narrow, reaching 20 centimetres in length but rarely more than 0.7 cm in width. They typically have a slight hook at the tip. This species is the only Wagga-area Acacia to produce cylindrical flower spikes rather than globular flower heads. These are golden-yellow and are followed by long, very narrow (0.2-0.4 cm) pods.
Seed is protected by a hard seed coat which must be broken (either by nicking, abrading, or soaking briefly in near-boiling water) before it will germinate. Germinates readily after treatment. May also grow from cuttings.
Late winter and spring.
Occurs on stony slopes with shallow soils, e.g. Livingstone NP, London Hill Rd, Pioneer Park, and Bethungra Dam.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery