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Twiggy shrub with stiff upright branches, reaching 2 metres in height. The ‘leaves’ (phyllodes) are narrow and stiff, reaching roughly 7 centimetres in length but usually < 0.5 cm wide. The upper reaches of each branch are often bare. The leaves have prominent longitudinal veins. Produces clusters of yellow pea flowers with markings in orange and red. The fruits are triangular and consist of two wings held together until maturity, whereupon they become dry and papery and split apart, dispersing two mottled seeds.
Seed is protected by a hard seed coat which must be broken (either by nicking, abrading, or soaking briefly in near-boiling water) before it will germinate. Germinates readily after treatment. May also grow from cuttings.
Generally September and October, though a small number may flower into December.
A major component of some easterly reserves and roadsides, e.g. Murraguldrie Flora Reserve, Mates Gully TSR and (especially) Nest Hill NR.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery