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A bushy or rounded shrub occasionally reaching 3 metres in height. Leaves on lower parts of the plant are rounded, green and somewhat hairy on top, and greyish and ‘woolly’ underneath. Flowers are produced on leafy inflorescences on the outside of the plant. Flowers are tiny and white with yellow or pink interior parts. They are surrounded by grey or grey-green floral leaves. This gives the plant a grey, ‘dusty’ appearance overall. Flowers are followed by small seeds which can be extracted by rubbing the heads.
Seeds are contained in a papery coat which must be removed prior to germination. This can be done by carefully cutting around the seed or by abrasion. Germination is slow and results are variable.
Chiefly spring, but recorded as early as July.
Mundarlo Rd. Reported to occur in Ellerslie NR. The species has a relatively narrow distribution within New South Wales.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery