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Highly variable. May be a shrub to around 2 metres in height or a tree to 12 m. Leaves are typically oblong shaped and may have serrated margins (though this is mostly found in juvenile plants). The upper surface is dark green, while the lower surface is white and hairy. The cylindrical, pale yellow inflorescences may reach 10 centimetres in length. Seed is contained in ‘follicles’ which form along this inflorescence. These typically open within 12 months and discharge winged seeds.
Seed germinates without pre-treatment, although this may take several weeks. Also cuttings.
Flowers are often present year-round but may be more common in autumn and winter.
Locally extinct. Old herbarium records from Narrandera and Carabost exist, but the original extent of the Wagga Wagga form of B. marginata is unclear.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery