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An upright shrub to 2 metres, though usually much less. Leaves are trifoliate, composed of three roughly oval-shaped leaflets. Produces typical ‘pea’ flowers, which are yellow with orange, red, purple and/or brown markings. These are often produced in dense clusters and are followed by pods which turn grey at maturity, each carrying 1-3 (usually 2) seeds. Occurs often in drainage lines, where it may form dense stands.
Seed is protected by a thick seed coat which must be broken prior to germination. This can be done by manually nicking the coat or by soaking the seed in near-boiling water. Seed germinates readily after treatment. Nicking is expected to achieve better results than boiling. Cuttings of firm growth may also work.
Chiefly September.
Livingstone NP. A small population is known from a roadside adjacent to Jindalee NP, near Cootamundra.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery