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Small, bushy forbs or shrubs reaching 40 centimetres in height. Leaves vary in shape but are generally hairy and less than 4 cm in length. They may be green or greyish-green. In some species (e.g. V. muelleri), the leaf tips may be forked. Inconspicuous purple daisies are followed by crowns of fluffy seeds. These are visually more striking than the flowers themselves. Each brownish seed carries a plume of fine hairs to allow dispersal by wind.
Seeds germinate without pre-treatment but results may be variable as seed quality is not uniform. Cuttings of the woodier species may work but this has not been attempted.
Year-round, possibly in response to rain or other climatic conditions. A few species (e.g. Vittadinia muelleri) appear to favour spring and summer.
Ubiquitous by roadsides and in reserves. Fuzzweeds often colonise disturbed ground.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery