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A dense, tussock-forming perennial grass with long, narrow, almost cylindrical leaves. Leaves are generally grey-green in colour and rough to the touch. Inflorescences are more or less open panicles on a stalk reaching 20 centimetres in length. The panicles are often described as ‘pyramid-shaped’ and generally have a weeping habit. The plant may reach 1 metre in height. Similar to Rytidosperma pallidum, with which it often co-occurs, when not in flower, but that species has a prominent hairy ligule
Germinates well from untreated seed.
Throughout the year, though more common in spring and summer.
Most common in the east of the district, e.g. Livingstone NP and SCA, Mates Gully TSR and Murraguldrie, but can be found on elevated sites in drier areas, e.g. Willans Hill and The Rock.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery