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Typically a straggly shrub reaching 2 metres in height. The ‘leaves’ (phyllodes) are variable in shape but are generally rounded oblongs or ovals (some forms may have linear phyllodes). The golden-yellow, globular flower heads are produced singly or in pairs on stalks from the phyllode bases. These are followed by distinctive spiral-shaped or twisted pods which become brown and papery at maturity.
Seed is protected by a hard seed coat which must be broken (either by nicking, abrading, or soaking briefly in near-boiling water) before it will germinate. Germinates readily after treatment. May also grow from cuttings.
Late winter and spring.
Willans Hill and Mangoplah Church. More common south of Yerong Creek. For more information view the map below.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery