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A dense, tussock-forming perennial grass with long (to 50 centimetres), wiry, grey-green, in-rolled leaves. Inflorescence is a tall, loose panicle with distinctive red anthers when in flower and a fluffy appearance when seed has set. The whole plant often exceeds 1 metre (and may exceed 1.5 m) in height. Similar to Poa sieberiana (p. 81), with which it often co-occurs, when not in flower, but that species lacks the prominent hairy ligule found in R. pallidum.
Germinates well from cleaned seed, though there may be an after-ripening period.
Spring and summer
Generally east of the Hume Highway. Common in Murraguldrie.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery

Extra Notes.
Formerly known as Joycea pallida, Chionochloa pallida and Danthonia pallida. These names, though incorrect, still see some use.