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A dense, many-branched, spreading shrub, often reaching (and sometimes exceeding) 1 metre in height and 2 metres in width. Growth form and leaf characteristics vary considerably between populations. Young leaves may appear almost white, while mature leaves are silvery or grey-green. Leaves are woolly to the touch and roughly triangular or arrow-like (hastate). Inconspicuous silvery flowers are followed by large red or pink fruits. In some populations, these fruits give off a noticeable ërotting fishí odour. Each fruit contains a single seed.
Seed germinates readily without prior treatment. Propagation may be possible from cuttings but this has not been assessed.
Flowering is most profuse in spring and summer, but flowers are often present year round. Flowers are inconspicuous
Campbells Ln. near Coolamon and the Wagga Wagga Rd north-west of Coolamon.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery