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Bushy, tufted herb to 40 centimetres. The leaves consist of a thin central portion with prominent lobes on either side. Leaves may reach 15 cm in length. Leaf margins are often toothed. Flowers are tubular with large, five-pointed openings. (Note that these are not true petals, though they resemble them). Flowers are usually pale blue or mauve. A small capsule follows. This contains numerous tiny, black seeds.
Seed germinates without pre-treatment. Results are variable and many seeds may be needed. Firm cuttings are reported to work.
September to May. Spring and early summer may be favoured.
Gelston Park Rd and adjacent sections of Holbrook Rd. Can be a dominant species in rocky areas, as in Ulandra NR.
Extra Notes.
Sometimes sold as Laurentia axillaris. This name is not considered correct.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery