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A highly variable shrub. Some forms are many-branched and very low-growing; others are small, erect shrubs to ~0.5 metres. This may be genetically or environmentally controlled. Leaves are small, narrow and linear or roughly oblong, with a grey tinge and few or no hairs. They are often held close to the stem. Flowers are yellow with red markings. Pods are pale brown, containing 1 or 2 dark seeds. These shed swiftly.
Seed is protected by a thick seed coat which must be broken prior to germination. This can be done by manually nicking the coat or by soaking the seed in near-boiling water. The best results are usually obtained by nicking. Also from cuttings.
Chiefly September and October. Some out-of-season flowering may occur.
Erect: Mangoplah Church, Wagga Wagga Rd northwest of Coolamon. Prostrate: Old Narrandera Rd near Harris Rd, roadsides near Illabo, Bethungra, The Rock, Coolamon and Yerong Creek.
Extra Notes.
A third variant; a rounded, hemispherical shrub is known from a single population near Bethungra. There may be still other growth forms.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery