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A twiggy, upright or spreading shrub to 1.5 metres. The narrow, concave leaves are down-curved at the tips. Flowers are typical ‘pea’ flowers of bright yellow, with orange and red markings. Flowering is often profuse. Flowers are followed by round pods which turn brown at maturity. Each contains 1 or 2 seeds, which are shed swiftly.
Seed is protected by a thick seed coat which must be broken prior to germination. This can be done by manually nicking the coat or by soaking the seed in near-boiling water. The best results are usually obtained by nicking. Also from cuttings.
Chiefly October and November. Some out-of-season flowering may occur.
A dominant understorey species in some areas of The Rock NR and TSR. Populations also occur near Ardlethan.

Based on the flora of the Graham Centre Biodiversity Nursery